Friday, May 3, 2013

Out of Town Visitors

                             My good friend Andy Hertzenberg and her husband came to visit me last week. It was a really brief visit but we managed to have a lot of fun in a very short amount of time. I tried a new cupcake place called Casey's Cupcakes. I was excited because it had won Cupcake Wars. The inside of the bakery was super cute.  The cupcakes however were really hit and miss. I feel bad saying that but one I didn't care for and another one was great! Andy and her husband had the same experience with the two they tried, one of which was a peanut butter, which is usually my favorite. It was disappointing. And even though I love cupcakes, the reason we were down in that area wasn't for the treats; we were there for a photo shoot. Andy and her husband were my wiling models while I tried out a new location. The pictures were a lot of fun and I loved a lot of them. Here are a few of my faves.


Erica Cameron said...

Love your pictures! And I'm jealous you two got to hang out! I haven't seen Andy in ages! I'm more jealous she got to see you, though! Miss you, dearest!

Anonymous said...

I always have a blast with you! I am forever amazed at your photography skills! Glad I get to see you again soon! xo


Shanda Cottam said...

Awesome pictures! I just picked myself up a Canon 60D, my first nice camera since high school. That SLR was fully manual. Still trying to figure out how to make all the menus and settings do what I want them to on this new one, but I am totally loving it. Maybe you can share a few of your secrets next time you're in town. :)