Sunday, May 5, 2013

Love in Darkness

Reading books by E.M. Tippetts is like giving myself a  present. I'm a big fan of her writing. Love In Darkness is a sequel to Castles on the Sand. I fell in love with Alex and Madison in the first book and was really looking forward to the continuation of their story. Love in Darkness wasn't really the sequel I had expected; it was even better. I didn't realize until I started reading that this book was from Alex's POV and I didn't know he was going to have a schizophrenic break either. Having him go through this trying time of his life created a fantastic plot. Alex has cared for his severely schizophrenic mother his whole life, so he has a fairly good idea what his future looks like. He doesn't want anyone who loves him to have to care for him if his illness progresses any further, even if that means giving up Madison, the girl he's loved for years and who loves him every bit as much. It's a beautifully written and touching story. Alex is a brave man facing his treatment head-on and helping everyone he can along the way. He is a wonderful hero, even though he doesn't see himself that way. I suggest reading the Castles on the Sand first so you can understand the history between Alex and Madison. Love in Darkness comes out May21st.

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