Monday, May 6, 2013

The Voice

Is anyone else watching The Voice this season? I've loved the show since season one and am loving it even more this season. I think Usher and Shakira have been great additions to the show. My friend Melonie was able to get us tickets to see the taping this season. We had fantastic seats and were able to see some of the Battle Rounds and all of the judges. I spent about five hours watching Adam Levine. There are worse ways to pass the time. :) The taping was fun and made me realize how much better the performances are in person. The knockout rounds were sad to me, though. Three people I really liked were sent home. Does anyone have a favorite to win?

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Erica Cameron said...

Apparently a friend of mine from high school performed on the Voice recently, probably at the taping you were at! Did you see anyone playing trumpet? And maybe dancing? He dances, too.