Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As much as I love accomplishing my own personal goals it is just as wonderful to witness someone complete one of theirs. My husband is smart. Like genius level smart. Because of that it was hard for him to pick a major in college. For me it was easy. There were certain things that didn't come easy to me like . . . chemistry and math. I immediately ruled out majors that would require a lot of those types of classes. My hubby didn't have that problem; he understood everything.
I'm not smart. I'm not dumb either but I'm not smart. I had to work hard for every single passing grade I received in college. My hubby didn't. For example (and he hates this example) we made the mistake of taking a class together. I showed up every day, took notes, studied. He missed a lot of class (it was an insanely early class). On the day of the test we sat outside the testing center and went over my notes. I explained things to him and answered his questions. He ended up with a 98%; I achieved a staggering 54%. Yes, off my notes he passed with flying colors and I failed. This might be a good place to insert the fact that I am an awful test taker.
Anyway, I got off topic. My husband ended up not finishing college at that time because he was still undecided what to major in. I struggled through and graduated. Not wanting to give up entirely he enrolled several years later in the independent degree our school offered. When he started the independent study degree we had kids and he was working full time. He had to use his time better, but I think having those extra responsibilities actually helped inspire him to work harder. From the time he started as a freshman until the time he graduated twenty two years had passed. But who cares? What matters is he finished his goal and graduated! I'm so proud of him.


Sera Phyn said...

Yaaaaay! Finishing something like that is always exciting. Proud of you both! <3

PurpleMist. said...

Congratulations to him! :)

Maddy said...

Congrats!! So proud of him!!