Monday, March 19, 2012


Sometimes being a tourist in your own city is a fun thing. Okay, Los Angeles might not be my city but it is a fairly reasonable drive away. I've done the amusement parks, gone to show tapings, etc. and I sometimes feel like I've done most of the stuff it has to offer. But every time I have a friend or relative come and visit I discover all these fun things I've never heard of. When my college friend came down a few years ago, she told me about the WB studios tour. We were both huge Gilmore Girls fans and decided to take the tour so we could see where they shoot it.

It was fun to see several sets and even a few cast members. I think the biggest surprise we had was getting to pose on the old Central Perk set from Friends.
Every visitor who comes and stays with us has their own unique list of things they want to see based on their interests. It's shown us some hidden jewels of things to see and discover near us.

I love discovering new things to do and places to visit. It creates even more wonder and fun in my life.
It is truly amazing how many things I never knew existed.

The same thing can be said in my hometown, though. My nephew came to visit and planned to check out a music museum we have. I had passed by the thing for years and never really thought about it. But here was something other people drove a long way to see. It makes me wonder how many other things I've neglected to notice over the years. Have any of you had the same experience?


Jamie Manning said...

Those pics are great, Lani! Friends was one of my favorite shows back in the day...If I ever get out to LA, you HAVE to take me there! :)

Lani Woodland said...

That sounds like a plan. :)

Sera Phyn said...

When I was in LA before my visit to you, we went on a studio tour and saw the set of Cheers! It was awesome. Although I do have to say that I have never visited anyone who went to as much trouble to make sure I was entertained as you did! I still remember that week and it was amazing! :D

In my own city there's not nearly so many hidden amazing things, but there are some vaguely historical spots I've never been to. Unless you're really interested in the early growth of Florida, though, it's not that cool.