Friday, March 16, 2012

A Cherie Day

My good friend Cherie (yes, I stole her name to use in my book) was in town this week. Cherie, her friend David, and I all went to Los Angeles today and were able to do a slew of things that have been on my list. First we stopped by my publisher's office (Hi Kamilla) and purchased Cherie's ticket to BEA. Yes, I'm going!!! Yay! Then we headed over to Magnolia Bakery. Okay, that was actually on my list for NYC but I found out they had a store here and so we stopped and filled up on goodies. I loved that we all got different things so we could share. And we asked for samples of their 'famous banana pudding'. We were sold and all chipped in to get a container of it. Then we headed to Rosco's Chicken and Waffles. I know the place is famous but I was still surprised at how yummy the food was. The butter. Oh the butter. The butter deserves it's own poem. But I digress.
The chicken and waffles were great. So good. And I felt very brave trying a bite with waffle, butter, syrup and chicken. I really thought it would be gross but boy was I wrong. It was yummy. After stuffing ourself we drove to Griffith Park to have a photo shoot. There is a really funny story that words would not properly describe. It involves me trying to climb up a dirt embankment and then sliding down the hill as the ground slid out from under me. Cherie was behind me and stopped my descent. I laughed so much today. I loved it! Thank you Cherie! Isn't it fantastic when you get to spend a day with a wonderful friend?


Anonymous said...

The image of Lani Woodland, barreling toward me frogger-style, will forever remain in my memory. The things we do in the name of friggin' art! :)

Jamie Manning said...

I wish I could've been there to see your risk life and limb for a photo! :) You're the best, Lani (and Cherie and David)!

Nichole Giles said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had a fantastic day. Wish I could go to BEA with you this year. :-( But I'll see you in April and May, yes? Good.

Lani Woodland said...

Nichole, I will see then. :) I look forward to our treats. Yum!

I hope you like the pics Jamie. :)

Cherie I love your 'frogger style' comment. I think a frog was far more graceful than I was. :)

Ashley Lavering said...

Sounds so fun!!! I want to come too! miss you guys! That chicken place sound neat:-)