Monday, March 5, 2012

LaLa Land

I've had several people ask how my blog got its name. My husband named it actually. Lani is actually short for Lalani. In high school my name was to long for my school i.d. and several other official documents so they always wrote Lala. it drove my mom and me insane. I got teased a lot by people who laughed, "Your name is Lala?"
In college when I started dating my husband he found this story to be really funny. He started telling me, "I'm lost in Lala Land." It always made my heart melt a little. When we were apart during winter break he wrote me a letter and the return address said Lost in Lala Land. He still uses the expression every so often, so when it came time to name my blog that story stuck out to me and I decided to use it.


Jamie Manning said...

I never knew that...that's so sweet!

Lani Woodland said...

Thanks , Jamie! It is one of my favorite story too. :)