Saturday, February 4, 2012


Thanks to we have picked the winner for the giveaway for those helping Yara. Our winner is Heather. I emailed you Heather, so check your inbox for it. :)

Also for those of you interested I'm going to be at Life the Universe and Everything this coming weekend. I am going to be on two panels and then part of the mass signing on Saturday. The symposium looks like it is going to be amazing and I am really excited to get to go. I hope to see some of you there. You can find out more about the symposium here.


Belle said...

Congrats, Heather!
I'll be sending a copy of Cicada and a bookmark this week! :-)
Thanks so much for donating to help Yara. :-)

Shallee said...

It was great to meet you at LTUE! I'm glad Chersti introduced us. Looking forward to reading your blog-- and your book!

Lani Woodland said...

It was great meeting you too Shallee!
Belle I talked with yara she is homesick. They are living in a rental house that the insurance company furnished with the necessities. They are waiting for the adjusters for the final numbers so they can rebuild. Thank you for asking about her. :)

Belle said...

Lani, thank you so much for the update on Yara. She's constantly in my thoughts.