Monday, November 14, 2011

Geek Girl

Geek Girl

"Think I can turn that boy bad?" 17-year-old Jen turns her life upside down when, out of boredom, she makes a bet that she can turn school geek Trevor into someone like her. Instead, the goth girl finds herself sucked into his world of sci-fi movies, charity work, and even-ugh!-bowling. To truly belong with him-and with her new foster family-she must first come to terms with her violent past.

My thoughts: This was a really fun read. I, being a Geek myself, enjoyed all the Geeky movie references. :) I really, really liked Jen and Trev. It was interesting to see how two totally different people learned to be around each other. I loved that they both changed each other. I found myself really rooting for Jen and Trev and urging Jen to confess the bet. But the book delved deeper than just the romance between the two of them. It explored Jen's feelings with her biological parents and her foster parents. This book made me laugh and cry. Cindy Bennett has written a really enjoyable book. Geek Girl has made me a fan.

Description and cover taken from Goodreads.


Cindy C. Bennett said...

Lani - Thank you so much for reviewing the book for me, and for being part of the blog tour. I really appreciate it! :o)

Sherry Gammon Author Of Unlovable said...

Great review! I really like Geek girl too!