Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm taking a writing class and one of the assignments was to pick one of three pictures assigned and create a short (only about five hundred words) short story. I hadn't ever done that type of assignment before and found it to be really fun. What was amazing to me was when I showed the same picture to my friend, her story was completely different. After hearing her version I looked at the picture and saw how well her story worked too. I know a lot of my followers are up and coming authors themselves so I thought I'd post a few pictures I had taken over the years and see if it sparked anything for you guys. :) If you had to write a short story about one of the pictures which one would it be? What do you think is happening in the story? Have fun :)


Lesley said...

first of took these? WOW! They are amazing. :)
If I picked one to write about I'd write about the first picture.
She looks mysterious like she's trying to hide something. Oh, maybe she's not human and the person she's looking at is trying to figure her out! :D
That is fun. What a great writing class. Can I join?

DJ's Life in Fiction said...

Your photography continues to wow me. You're an extremely talented writer as well as a photographer. :-) I really like the first picture and without meaning to, I started thinking of storylines, haha. I did a similar assignment in a creative writing class, but we only had to come up with an overall situation. No one seemed to understand mine, haha.

Adriana said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! I especially love that last one with the couple. So sweet! I'm not much of a writer though so there aren't many creative stories I could come up with. :(

Thanks for sharing some of your photographs.

Aviles Family said...

I'm not a writer either, and I loved all the pictures. However the one that touched me the most is the one with the man and boy with the guitar. I really see my boys and their dad in that picture.
As usual, you are AMAZING. :)