Monday, October 25, 2010


I wanted to let everyone know that I'm one of the authors on 'Darkness', one of the two Halloween stories being put on by and by in what t
hey're calling
Each story is told in thirteen different installments and each part is written by a different author.
The stories will be updated every day for a week on different blogs. There are lots of fun prizes to be won for people who are reading and commenting on each part of the story. 'Darkness'
starts here. Mine is the eighth part of that story. It was just posted today and you can read it here, but it won't make much sense if you haven't read the first seven parts.

For all the details as well as a list of all the story stops, click here


Zombie Girrrl said...

Oh, I think I saw this on my blog followy update thing! I'm glad I know what it is now, because it sounds so cool! I could definitely use a scary story or two on this the eve Halloween. :)
BTW, love your book's cover!

Ashley Lavering said...

wow. you are really doing a lot! I didn't know you were writing a short story like this. that is so cool.