Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Launch Party Recap

So here it is, the week my book gets released and the week I got to see a taping of the Big Bang Theory. As you might imagine it was both exciting and terrifying to watch the clock counting down towards the book release party, and the fact that my Big Bang Theory T-shirt didn't arrive in the mail in time for the taping only furthered my anxiety. Yes, I admit it, I have an inner nerd, and my inner nerd was depending on Priority shipping to bring my Bazinga shirt to me on time. Sadly, the aforementioned extra-charged shipping failed me and the t-shirt didn't get her until 2 days after the taping was over. (That didn't stop me from putting the shirt on as soon as it came and strutting around the house for the rest of the day).

But I digress. Things got better when, on my way to LA to see the Big Bang Theory taping, my publisher called me and let me know that the ARC's had arrived (Advanced Reader Copies). It was my first time handling my book and needless to say, there were no words to describe how it felt. I can try. It was amazing, magnificent, unreal. fabulous, fantastic, surreal.... I could go on but I think I've made my point. I couldn't resist a little photo shoot of me gleefully hugging the boxes of books.

As news of the book gets out, interviews I've done have been begun popping up. Here is one from Leanna at Daisy Chain Reviews.

Here's another one from my good friend Andy

Then right before the party I read a wonderful review of my book from DJ at Dj's Life in Fiction.

Reading such a positive review right before (literally moments before) the party started helped start the event out on a great note. :) Thank you to all of my ARC readers whose reviews gave me such a huge boost of confidence!

A lot of hard work from a team of people helped pull the party together. Friends donated, time, food and energy to help make the party a success.

Here I am with my wonderful publisher Kamilla

Our cover model was able to come and posed for a few pictures.

I did a reading and signed some books. I apologize to everyone for my lousy handwriting. Sigh. I also found it a little nerve-wracking to be spelling out so many words without spell check. I'm a terrible speller, even of names. I made everyone (even a lady named Pam) spell out their name for me. The one time I didn't, I spelled my friend from high school's name wrong. Yep, that was a great moment. After that I made everyone spell their name out again!

We watched the trailer and being able to see it on the big screen was fun!

My favorite part of the night, besides being able to talk with everyone was the song Can't Stop Dreaming of You being performed. My husband wrote the words so I could use the song in my book. Then he took the lyrics to his friend who wrote music to it. Then we turned to our friend Clint (who you might recognize from Intrinsical's website as Steve in the pictures and book trailer) to perform the vocals. Here is a video of Gary playing the guitar and Clint performing the song. The recording really didn't do it justice.

The library staff couldn't have been more wonderful. I can't speak for people at the party but I had a fantastic time.It was a perfect night. I had friends and family come from all over the country to support me. To all those who were able to attend, and all of those who couldn't (but let me know they wished the could) I sent out a big heartfelt Thank You!


Alex said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there!

Marsha Ward said...

What an awesome night! I'm glad you had fun.

DJ's Life in Fiction said...

The party sounds like it was a hit and tons of fun! I wish I could have been there! Also, thanks for mentioning my review. :-)

Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

Sounds like an amazing night! Is that an inspired cover dress in the background. So pretty! Congrats Lani :)

Jade said...

Sorry I missed the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
(You looked beautiful!)tne

thebookfairyhaven said...

Sounds like I missed out on some serious fun! Big congratulations on your launch :) Can't wait to read Intrinsical. Loved the video by the way :)

Lani Woodland said...

Alex- It would have been fun to have you there.

Marsha- Thanks. :) I really did have a good time. :)

DJ- Thanks for writing the review. :) It would have been great to have met you.

Eleni- Thanks! I was really giddy that night. Actually the dress in the background is the dress from the cover. Did you know I was the photographer for the cover?

Jade-I really wish you had been there!

thebookfairyhaven- I'm so happy you liked the song! Thank you!

Maddy said...

Just listened tot he song again...I so love it......
The party was a lot of fun and Dj's review diff started off the day in a nice way!!!!

^v^ ۩[†] Ahriel Raven Grey [†] ۩ ^v^ said...

very interesant your book and the book trailer it´s wonderfull ^^. I´m spanish but I will buy it and I review it in my blog ^^


Medical Librarian said...

This sounds like a dream come true time for you. I'm so happy that you're appreciating every minute.

Can't wait to read your book!!

Lani Woodland said...

Thanks Ahriel! I'm happy Intrinsical caught your eye. I hope you enjoy it. :)

It was a magical night. Thank you Medical Librarian. I hope you like it. :)