Friday, July 30, 2010


I followed through on my plan to get gluten free cupcakes and go to the beach, although we never made it to the beach. The red velvet cupcakes didn't really taste like red velvet cake but they were yummy. The icing was fantastic! I loved the G's on them that allowed us to know they were gluten free. We decided to park on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) at the cupcake store and then walk to the beach. When we saw the water we realized there was no access to the beach from the street we chose. The next one ended up at a cliff. We checked our watch and realized we had to head back home to beat the traffic. So we took sand left over in my daughters sand toys and sprinkled it over our heads, squirted ourselves with water from the water bottle and listened to ocean sounds on my friends I-Phone on the way back to the car. This was silly enough that we all agreed it was fun enough. :) We were also still a little giddy from the cupcake sugar rush. When we got home my daughter and I cuddled while we each read. The next day I was able to write! We finished the chapter but both Melonie (my co-author) and I felt the chapter still was missing something.

Last weekend I went with my family up to a cabin in the Utah mountains for my husband's family's reunion. It was a huge cabin (which we needed beacuse there are a lot of us) and we were surrounded by beautiful mountains, where deer kept running by. Up there my mind relaxed (literally, the oxygen depravation from the altitude and clean air made me stupid and almost unable to form a clear thought), I talked with good friends (family members that are also friends are the best) and read. The answers to the chapter's problems were easy to see up there. It was wonderful! Making time to have fun and relax is an important thing and I'm glad I got to do it. Now I'm off to write.


3in3mom said...

yea! relaxing with friends you call family is perfect for relaxing. Glad we got to see you.

love you!

Maddy said...

The beach day was a blast!(even though we never saw the beach) And my V cupcakes were delicious I know yours didn't hang out for days like mine but mine got better and more red-velvety as the days went by....
glad you had some time to relax and get the creative juices flowing

notesfromnadir said...

Those cupcakes look grand! I need to try some red velvet cupcakes.

Good to have a change of scenery & be around family. Nothing like clean air after being in L.A.!

Looks like the fresh air helped your writing! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your writer's block dissapated while you were on the mountain...see what can happen when you are closer to God? Literally! How high up the mountain were you?