Thursday, April 1, 2010

My First Post

I'm Lani. I have been married for fifteen years and am mother to a thirteen year old son, and an eight year old daughter. My blog title is actually from my husband. When we were dating he used to say he was in Lala Land. I wonder if he still likes being trapped in that world after all this time. Hopefully he got so turned around and lost in Lala Land he won't be able to find the exit sign. :)

I read an insane amount of books. I love watching TV and movies but I go more fangirl over authors than I ever do over actors. I just LOVE books.

I love writing too. It's amazing to have the ability to create your own world and people and have complete control over them. Hmm... maybe my writing has to do with control issues. I'm sure that is a post for another time. Back to writing- I've written stories my whole life. When we had to do research reports about future careers in school, I chose writing. I used to write plays and force my friends and cousins to act them out. I'm sure some of them still remember. At first, a lot of them were based on She-Ra; I really thought she was awesome. As I grew older, I was inspired by my sister, Melanie, who is a writer, and thought about writing a novel. But it wasn't until I started reading fanfiction about a television show I was obsessed with that I really got inspired.

I wrote a novel-length fanfiction! I shamefully even gave a copy of my fanfiction to the actor in the show. I pray they never read it. It was bad! After I was done with that though, I kept thinking about the story I had created and wondered if I could change it enough to be an actual book. And, you know, make it not suck. In the meantime, I also wrote several other book-length stories, but they were bad too, so we'll ignore them. But even while doing all that other writing and having a short story/article published I kept coming back to my fanfic idea. So after numerous (numerous is putting it lightly) drafts, writing classes, writing conventions, feedback galore, lots of rejections and tons of revisions, I ended up with my novel, 'Intrinsical', which, aside from one name in the story, bears no resemblance to the television show. After much searching, I also found an independent publishing house, Pendrell Publishing, that believed in my book enough to want to represent me!

I've also worked as a spot-welder, metal fabricator, photographer, gymnastics coach and background artist (AKA movie extra). I love See's chocolate, bonfires at the beach, Mexican food, sushi and the word 'precisely'.


Charmaine Clancy said...

Well done with your persistence with your novel - I think that's probably a writer's greatest skill :-)

Lani Woodland said...

Hi Charmaine,
Thank you! :) I agree you have to have perseverance to be a writer.

Theresa Milstein said...

I love how the name of your blog came to be.

Congratulations on your representation and good luck with your book.

Lani Woodland said...

Thanks, Theresa!